Relocation of Polyclinic Aviva and record investment of over 45 million euros in Croatian private healthcare

As a member of the Arsano Medical Group, the relocation of Polyclinic Aviva to a new location initiates a new cycle of development and raises the service standards for users. Since taking over Polyclinic Aviva, Provectus Capital Partners has invested over 7 million euros, while the total investment in the consolidation of the Arsano Medical Group has reached 45 million euros, making it the largest investment in private healthcare in Croatia.

Polyclinic Aviva, a member of Arsano Medical Group, the largest group of private healthcare institutions in Croatia, is launching a new development cycle that includes expanding the range of healthcare services and hiring new experts, significant new investments in technology, and relocating to new, larger premises in Zagreb.

By moving to a new location, Polyclinic Aviva, which provides services to over 60,000 patients annually, becomes the largest, most modern, and technically equipped private polyclinic in one location in Zagreb and Croatia. During the Easter holidays, Polyclinic Aviva will initiate the relocation process, and from April 20, 2023, it will operate at full capacity at Trpinjska ulica 7. Aviva will occupy more than 2600 square meters at the new location. In addition to existing services and 28 different activities, Aviva is introducing new activities at the new location, further strengthening its market position as a pioneer in preventive medicine and systematic check-ups.

"After 44 successful years of operation, Aviva is moving to a new location. The tradition that we carry with us is significant, as we are the oldest private healthcare institution in Croatia, and we are continuing to build a new development phase of our polyclinic. With new technology and services, as well as synergy with other sister institutions within the Arsano Medical Group and Adria Dental Group, we will make an additional breakthrough in the market. Our new magnetic resonance imaging device is certainly the best in Croatia. We are introducing a day hospital, which is a step forward in private polyclinics, introducing new departments such as anesthesiology, pediatrics, and dental medicine, and to make a breakthrough in preventive medicine, we are the first in the market to introduce dental examination as a standard part of a systematic examination. This is a great added value for our patients and we are proud of it," said Dr. Nevenka Kovač, Director of Polyclinic Aviva.

At the new location, patients will be greeted by three new top-of-the-line radiology devices: a 1.5 Tesla MRI machine, a new CT machine, and a new X-ray machine, and there is also a laboratory that will be more accessible to all citizens at the new location. As part of the modernly equipped day hospital, Aviva will provide patients with more complex treatment and multi-hour therapy. Considering that Aviva is a member of the Arsano Medical Group, which currently operates four specialized healthcare institutions in Croatia - the Special Hospital for Orthopedics and General Surgery Dr. Nemec, the Special Hospital Arithera, Polyclinic Dijagnostika 2000, and Polyclinic Urocentar, as well as the leading diagnostic healthcare institution from Slovenia - Digitalna Slikovna Dijagnostika DSD from Ptuj, patients can receive quality comprehensive services and, if necessary, more serious specialized procedures.

In addition, along with the institutions within the Arsano Medical Group, Aviva collaborates with all members of the Adria Dental Group, which consists of 7 dental clinics and 5 dental laboratories in Zagreb, Solin, Rijeka, and Poreč.New investments, synergy, and raising the quality of service to a new level are the basis for the investments of Provectus Capital Partners, the founder of the Arsano Medical Group and Adria Dental Group. Since acquiring Polyclinic Aviva about a year and a half ago, Provectus Capital Partners has invested over 7 million euros. The total investment in the consolidation of the Arsano Medical Group has reached 45 million euros, which is the largest investment in private healthcare in Croatia.

"With the Arsano Medical Group, we have created the largest private healthcare group in Croatia with over 400 employees, and our healthcare institutions serve over 100,000 patients annually. But our ambition does not stop there. We are continuously in talks with other specialized polyclinics and will continue to grow through new investments in Croatia and the region. We will grow through acquisitions and organically, and we will continue to raise the standards for our patients and users, with continuous investment in employees and technology," said Igor Čičak, CEO and Managing Partner of Provectus Capital Partners and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arsano Medical Group.