Aviva Polyclinic: Elevating the standard of private healthcare through investments in technology, personnel, and patient education

More than 200 esteemed guests, including prominent figures from the local public and private healthcare sectors, representatives from the business community, institutional heads, and officials from the City of Zagreb, attended the grand inauguration of the new Aviva Polyclinic location.

Zagreb, June 14, 2023 – After a substantial investment exceeding 7 million euros and a relocation to a new site at Trpinjska Street 7, Aviva Polyclinic is continuing its investment drive in technology, workforce development, and the introduction of new services. A significant emphasis is also placed on actively educating patients to establish higher standards in private healthcare and promote health literacy. The ultimate objective is to improve the longevity and quality of life for Croatian citizens. These ambitious plans were unveiled during the grand inauguration of the new Aviva Polyclinic location, which brought together more than 200 respected individuals from the local public and private healthcare sectors, business leaders, institutional representatives, and City of Zagreb officials.

Svečano otvorenje Poliklinika Aviva

“Aviva Polyclinic holds the longest-standing tradition in Croatia as a private healthcare institution. It is renowned for consistently pushing the boundaries in private healthcare. We take pride in our new premises, where we offer a wide range of services encompassing 30 specialties. Notably, pediatrics, anesthesiology, and dental medicine are exciting additions to Aviva. Our polyclinic stands as the largest and most advanced facility in Zagreb and Croatia, providing state-of-the-art healthcare services under one roof. Our primary commitment is to deliver prompt, exceptional, and comfortable care to our patients. Recognizing the immense potential in this sector, we have ambitious plans for this new phase in Aviva's development.”

Dr. Nevenka Kovač
Director of Aviva Polyclinic

The new Aviva Polyclinic location spans over 2,600 square meters and has a dedicated team of 110 staff members, and collaborates with approximately 60 external associates. Patients benefit from the availability of three cutting-edge radiology devices, including a 1.5 Tesla MR machine, an innovative CT scanner, and a new X-ray machine. Also, the polyclinic houses a laboratory that will be even more accessible to all citizens at the new location, as well as 50 specialist and sub-specialist offices within Aviva. Thanks to its fully equipped day hospital, Aviva will provide patients with more comprehensive treatments and extended therapy sessions.

Igor Čičak, predsjednik Upravnog vijeća Poliklinike Aviva te predsjednik Uprave i glavni partner Provectus Capital Partners (PCP) i Nevenka Kovač, ravnateljica Poliklinike Aviva

Aviva Polyclinic is part of the prominent Arsano Medical Group, the largest consortium of healthcare institutions in Croatia and the region. Alongside Aviva, the Arsano Medical Group comprises four other specialized healthcare institutions in Croatia: Dr. Nemec's Orthopedic and General Surgery Hospital, Arithera Special Hospital, Dijagnostika 2000 Polyclinic, and Uro Center Polyclinic. Additionally, the group includes Digital Imaging Diagnostic DSD, the leading diagnostic healthcare institution in Slovenia, based in Ptuj. The consolidation of the Arsano Medical Group was initiated by Provectus Capital Partners (PCP), which has invested a total of 45 million euros in private healthcare institutions thus far. With a workforce of 400 employees, the Arsano Medical Group collectively serves over 100,000 patients annually.

"The overarching goal of Arsano Medical Group, of which Aviva is a proud member, is to elevate the quality of private healthcare services. Our goal is to ensure the continuous enhancement of service quality for patients, thereby offering an unparalleled experience to our users. We view this as the sole sustainable strategy for the growth of the private healthcare sector. This endeavor necessitates ongoing investments in technology and human resources, which are workable only for large and financially robust entities. As Arsano Medical Group meets this prerequisite, we harbor high ambitions for the group's future growth, both organically and through new investments."

Igor Čičak
CEO and main partner of PCP, and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Arsano Medical Group