Arsano Medical Group continues expansion with investment in the Ritz Nova Ophthalmology Clinic

Arsano Medical Group, the leading and the fastest-growing group in the Adria region's private healthcare sector, has realized its eighth investment with which the Ritz Nova Ophthalmology Clinic becomes a part of the group.

Polyclinic Ritz Nova has established itself on the market mostly with ophthalmological examinations and eye diagnostics for children and adults, cataract operations with intraocular lenses implanst and eyelid operations - blepharoplasty. It is the first specialized ophthalmology polyclinic invested by Arsano Medical Group.

Arsano Medical Group, the largest and fastest-growing private healthcare group in Adria consists of 2 special hospitals, 5 polyclinics and one laboratory diagnostics specialist institution. The group consists of Polyclinic Aviva, Polyclinic Diagnostika 2000, Polyclinic Uro centar, Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Traumatology Dr. Nemec from Matulji, Special Hospital for Orthopedics and Traumatology Arithera, Health Care Institution Latebra, and the latest Polyclinic Ritz Nova as well as Digitalna slikovna dijagnostika Ptuj in Slovenia.

"We continue to invest in specialized polyclinics so that within the Arsano Medical Group we can offer the most complete service to our patients, with the highest standards that we provide on the market. The private healthcare institutions that are the members of our group already have an established position on the market and are recognized for their high quality of service, and by joining Arsano Medical Group we are empowering them with the best corporate management practices and a strong financial background, all with the aim of ensuring a continuous and sustainable increase in service quality standards through all our institutions. In this way, we are building our vision of Arsano Medical Group as a leading group in private healthcare in the wider region."

Boris Rivić
president of the Arsano Medical Group Management Board

"The Ritz Nova polyclinic is recognized for its expertise and service at the highest level, and we built our team on these principles. With our ophthalmology team, we will strengthen the capacities of Arsano Medical Group, while at the same time, the range of available services in the field of ophthalmology will be significantly expanded for Arsano Medical Group patients."

dr. sc. Liana Ritz Mutevelić
founder of the Ritz Nova Polyclinic

Arsano Medical Group is the largest private investor in private healthcare in Croatia and the region with over 420 medical employees, and provides services to over 230,000 patients annually.